From Narmer’s Kemet to Cleopatra’s Egypt

108 Page pdf booklet (14mb download)

This eBook has been published to help answer your quest for knowledge of Ancient Egypt and the African people that lived there many thousands of years ago. The information is not exhaustive.

In particular, it is about the Africans of Ancient Egypt whose contributions to great civilisations are unmatched. Yet, half of the story has never been told. The book is unable to answer all your questions but it will challenge you to read much more about the history. At the end of the book there are dozens of other publications listed and the list is not exhaustive. The book celebrates the lives of Africans in Ancient Egypt and is a resource to be used in learning and teaching environments; also, it is a resource for members of the general public who wish to widen their knowledge and gain a new perspective on how the subject has been taught and presented over the years.

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