Caribbean Soldiers in World War One

by | Nov 3, 2018 | WW1

[themedy_pullleft colour=”red” colour_custom=”#000000″ text=”The initial brief was to find out the Caribbean contribution to WW1
Visits were made to the National Archive and a meeting with Guy Granham to receive advice and establish what is in the archive and where?”]

It was established that there is an immense amount of archive some useful links to follow. However it was also noted that it could be a long and arduous task as alot of archive rarely mentions the colour of the person concerned to make it obvious that we are talking about Caribbean people.
It could take days to source little information. But there is also information that one did not expect to find also.

A visit was also made to the British Library to establish what is there. Which are mostly newspaper articles carrying and this research is interested in the recruitment strategy used to recruit Caribbean people for the war.
Also at the library i conducted a workshop to sign up new library memberships and tutor in some research methodologies to enable people to now research on their own in the British Library. This workshop is still open to more recruits.

The recommended reading so far is Glenford Howes, Race War and Nationalism. This book has been a great resource to launch primary research it is well referenced and the references lead to other interesting narratives.
To summarise the key finds for part one which were presented at the second project community workshop, which was well attended by over 30 people. This workshop and presentation was given by myself and a budding young person Lysette James who is being supported with researching what she find interesting about Caribbean Soldieries in WW1

Key find is the letters between Marcus Garvey and the War Office in which he is offering his full support to the King for the war effort and stating that he will encourage all Jamaicans to do the same.
There are many references here and many more to come to help you follow the project and also do your own study….

Book List
Title Race, War and Nationalism: A Social History of West Indians in the First World War
Author Glenford D. Howe

Publisher Ian Randle, 2002
ISBN 0852554826, 9780852554821


the first link is for a reader pass at the British library…