West India Regiment Records at the National Archives

by | Nov 3, 2018 | WW1

WO 363
WO 365
Campaign medal rolls WO329
Medal cards for soldiers who received campaign or gallantry medals WO 372
Jamaica: Volunteer Defence Force CO 141/77
Map of Jamaica 1911-1942 WO 408/43 (7)
Deaths of 3rd Jamaican Contingent from frostbite and pneumonia on troopship Verdala CO 318/338/32; CO 318/339/91
WIR debarred from benefits under Army Order No. 1 and protests from governors: CO 318/347/51
Jamaican proclamation of war August 1914 CO 141/77
Response to outbreak of war CO 137/705 ff. 99-109
Contributions to the war effort T1/12087
Sickness on Verdala CO 318/339/91 ff. 565-574
Leeward Islands (Nevis, St Kitts Antigua, and Montserrat): Governor Thomas Best’s despatches to Colonial Office expressing men’s wish to enlist CO 156/16
October 1915 – men left Leeward Islands for England CO 152/347/46; WO 339/52001
WIR defending Suez Canal WO 95/4427
Serving at the Western Front, mainly as labourers – WO 95/338
War diary of 2nd Battalion BWIR WO 95/4427
Despatches from Governor January – March 1918 CPO 152/358
Trinidad and Tobago: 2nd highest recruiting country after Jamaica – CO 295/498/36
Trinidadian recruitment 1915 – CO 295/498/36 ff. 281-288
Barbados: Appeals for equal pay – CO 28/294/24
Private JC Hope received DCM for conspicuous gallantry WO 372/10/31724
Despatch from governor regarding recruitment of West Indians desiring to help the war effort August 1914 – CO 28/283/72
Number of West Indians despatched CO 28/284/17
British West Indies War diaries, 1915-1919: WO 95/4433, 4732, 4410. 4427
British Guiana: Government gazettes 1914-1919 CO 115/119-128
Detachments: CO 111/618

Secondary Sources
Brian Dyde, The Empty Sleeve: The Story of the British West India Regiments of the British Army (1997)
Glenford Howe, Race War and Nationalism: A social history of the West Indies in the /first World War (2002)
Irving W. Andre and Gabriel J Christian, For King and Country: The service and sacrifice of the Dominican soldier (2008)

Courtesy of Angelina Osbourne